Dragon Warrior
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My favorite place to breathe, write and read is my middle-of-nowhere home in the mountains where I live with my husband, dogs, deer, elk, bears and mountain lions.  Currently I’m obsessed with my new middle grade novel JET LEE DRAGON WARRIOR. A thrilling action adventure filled with monsters, mayhem, magic and loads of kung fu-skull-cracking action.  I love being an author of action and adventure books for middle-grade and young adults. I dig martial arts, dragons, tombs, treasure, pharaoh kings, mummies, Aztec warriors, magic and mayhem.  My hobbies include hiking, river rafting, skiing, sailing, martial arts, SCUBA, exploring, caving, rappelling, treasure hunting, spelunking, archeology, and introducing kids to faraway places like Egypt, Mexico and China and not so faraway places like New York City. If my characters do exciting, extreme things like repel off mountainsides or explore subterranean crystal caves, you can be sure, I tried it first! I’m often seen prowling the forests of New Mexico in search of my muse. I’m guilty of writing the occasional news paper article, randomly entertaining children with spontaneous acts of crazy, and totally craving adrenalin! I love to hear from fans and think fan art the coolest!