Dragon Warrior
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Kids love monsters, mayhem and all things magical, and Jet Lee is no exception. Join him as he discovers exactly what it takes to be a Dragon Warrior. Evade angry beast-men. Stand up against bullies. Spy, plot and plan with the best friends a kid could have. Learn that the worst villains look a lot like people—until they get angry—and come face to face with the vilest serpent-demon around! Race through NYC subways with Jet and his friends and learn that fish boys can be heroes too.

Jet Lee learns there is more to life than chopping fish when true evil enters the neighborhood dojo on two feet and exits on four. After finding a beast-man in sword-to-sword combat with his mom, Jet realizes that people aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes they turn into serpents and hairy beasts bent on taking over New York City!  When Jet gets a glimpse of the secret Dragon Warriors he dreams of how awesome his future could be.  But, if he can’t find a way to conceal the treacherous Demon Manuscript in the tall spire of St. John’s Cathedral before the demons finalize their transformation, NYC will never be the same, and he’ll never earn his place as a true Dragon Warrior. Conquering evil is a task best done with the help of your friends so Jet enlists his best buds, Cordy, Ulysses and Jimmy. Together they use fast thinking and teamwork to win the craziest demon battle ever!

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