Dragon Warrior
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AWESOME EVENT Announcement!

I’m super excited about this event. I’ll be meeting kids and signing paperback copies of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior​. There will be great prizes and fun for everyone (One lucky kid will win a Kid’s Kindle Fire). Come grab a fortune cookie and get your signed copy. Hope to see you there!

Book Launch Flier



Holy Ninja Stars And Nunchucks! BIG NEWS ALERT! Jet Lee Dragon Warrior is out in paperback!  Anyone interested in signed copies. Let me know!



Hurray! We are celebrating, today. Jet Lee Dragon Warrior is available in ebooks at

Join in the fun of this awesome occasion with Pam, Jet , Uly , Jimmy and Cordy. Make Jet Lee’s favorite cherry ice cream and enjoy a magical karate-kicking adventure!

See Pam’s blog for Mrs. Wu’s Cherry Blossom Ice Cream recipe.

IceCreamJetJet Post Card-1