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Time to make ice cream! Jet Lee Debuts at Amazon today.

For me, writing is an amazing adventure. Like all adventures worth embarking on, writing has its ups and downs. There are the glorious days when my words spill onto the page like magical dew drops, glistening, beautiful, perfect. Those are the days when the story tells itself and I’m just there for the ride. It’s like rolling down the windows on my Jeep and drawing in a breath of fresh, crisp air. It’s when I am most happy. And then there are the other ones… Writing days where the page is just a page. Blank, empty, scary, lonely. And the days where I worry that my dreams will never come true because there is just too much to do, too many hurdles, to many pitfalls. Then again, there are days where my friends and family buoy my spirits- the awesomeness of my writer’s world shines through the clouds, the sun comes out and the road is smooth again. Then, I smile because all those lonely hours, sometimes dark hours with just me and my imagination are so totally worth it! Writing is an adventure. There should be serpent spit, and ice cream, shattering shards of glass and hugs from best friends, terrible demons and amazing mentors. And days when you celebrate the debut of all your hard work. Today is that day, and boy is it worth it. Nothing feels quite like seeing your book for sale for the very first time. It’s the end of one adventure and the beginning of the next. It’s the time to celebrate, make some ice cream, invite friends. It’s also the time to thank everyone who has been along for the ride. That’s exactly what I’m doing!


Mrs. Wu’s Cherry Blossom Ice Cream:

No cooking! Just eggs to beat and milk to measure to bring smiles to faces of family and friends.


2 cups cherries (Mrs. Wu uses Jet’s favorites, Bings)

4 eggs

2 1/4 cups sugar

3 1/2 cups milk

1 package vanilla pudding (Sometimes Mrs. Wu uses cheesecake flavored pudding for a little extra kick)

3 1/2 cups heavy cream

5 tsp. vanilla

1/2 tsp. salt.

Add sugar gradually to beaten eggs. Continue to beat until the mixture is very stiff. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Pour into a gallon freezer and freezer as directed.

Jet and the Dragon Warriors pit the cherries first.

Mrs. Wu likes the freshest ingredients.

Mrs. Wu likes the freshest ingredients.


When Dragon Warriors get together, they make a double batch!


Mrs. Wu does the mixing because Jet usually makes a mess.


Mr. Wu insists on the old fashioned ice cream maker.


Dragon Warriors know the cherries are hidden in the layers like stealthy ninjas!

















 May the celebrating begin!













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