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Saint Mary’s 4th Graders Love Jet Lee Dragon Warrior!

Children’s Jet Lee Dragon Warrior Projects

are Awesome!

(If any teachers would like to do an author-interactive project like this with their students, I am happy to donate classroom sets of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior.)

Awesome Fourth Graders love Jet Lee Dragon Warrior

                  Ms. Woods fourth graders!

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior Project Art

                              Fan art and Letters!

As the author of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior, there is nothing I like more than sharing my wonderful, crazy adventure stories with kids. And the cool thing is, kids really do enjoy reading and rapping about the stories that I create!

For years, I worried that I would never have the pleasure of seeing kids reading my books, simply because publishing is a very tough and tricky job. It’s never as simple as writing a great story.

Taking a manuscript and turning it into a legitimately awesome page-turner that can be purchased or distributed across the world is a major WHOPPER of a task. But take my word for it. Once it’s been done, there is no better feeling of accomplishment.

When kids start sending you letters and fan art… Well those events put you, smack-dab, on top of the world. It’s exactly the stuff authors dream of (or at least I do). You know, there are readers who like your writing (and by association they like you)!!!

Chloe's Jet Lee Dragon Warrior list

Kids have favorite Jet Lee Dragon Warrior chapters!

I feel exactly that way right now. All because of an amazing fourth grade school teacher from Ponca City, OK and her stellar students. This year, Ms. Wood, a teacher at Saint Mary’s Catholic School, decided to use my middle-grade action/adventure Jet Lee Dragon Warrior for her class reading project.

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior has some pretty scary stuff!

The Demon Manuscript!

Ms. Woods’s students read Jet Lee, created story notebooks and storyboards, took follow up tests, identified themes, and did vocabulary exercises. They also picked out similes, metaphors, idioms and symbolism. Once they’d done all that, Ms. Wood’s class wrote letters and created fan art that they sent directly to me!

They sent bunches of letters telling me what they liked most about Jet Lee Dragon Warrior; they asked questions about the characters, the plot and me. They also told me about themselves. And, just to make everything they did even cooler, they created Jet Lee artwork!

Being super thrilled about the project, I offered a contest.

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior Class Winners

             Jet Lee Fan Art Winners!

My three favorite art pieces would receive prizes (just so everyone knows, picking only three was a very difficult thing to do because each was terrific! And I had to enlist the help of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior fans on Facebook and Twitter.) Near the end of the project I sent a box of goodies to Ms. Woods’s class, including fortune cookies, Chinese Good Luck coins and some dragon decorations for their classroom. I had great fun picking items that were representative of the story Jet Lee Dragon Warrior. Once the  students finished the project, everything was sent to me and everyone was in for a wonderful surprise. The winners received Dragon statuettes and I had a telephone conference with the entire class- the coolest kids ever!

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior, The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Jet Lee crew!

I would like to thank Ms. Wood and her students by featuring their thought-provoking and fun questions, letters and artwork on my blog today and on Jet Lee Dragon Warrior’s Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Dr. Phillabuster mixes potions for Jet Lee Dragon Warrior

Mixing magic potions.

          First, I’d like to answers all those questions!

Here We Go

Q: If you made a sequel, would Jet and the dragon warriors be older or the same age?

A: Dragon Warriors discover their powers between the age of twelve and thirteen, so if I make a sequel, the kids will all be around that age because a LOT of crazy things can happen in a year!

Q: Do you have any animals/pets? What are their names?

A: Yes. I have two big, brown, shaggy standard poodles named Chessie and Montana. I also have two super-great mouse-catching cats, Thelma and Misty.

Q: I want to know if you are going to make another Jet Lee because you left a really good cliff hanger.

A: I’m glad you liked my cliff hanger, and yes there will be a sequel (hopefully several because I think each Dragon Warrior deserves their own story!)

Q: Is Jet Lee the only book you wrote?

A: I have written several action/adventure books for young readers. Each one is very different and really exciting. Right now, Jet Lee Dragon Warrior is the only one that is published.

Q: What is Red Eyes real name?

A: You will find out in the sequel. 😉

Q: What made you want to write this story?

A: I really like martial arts and I know exactly what it feels like to be a kid who gets picked on. I also love all things magical. So, I wanted to write a magical story about a martial arts-loving kid who needed a great team of friends and adventure, and the chance to become awesome!

Q: Are you going to write another story?

A: I plan on writing MANY stories. New plots are always rattling around in my brain.

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior learning to be a ninja!

Jet & Mr. Wu chopping fish.

Q: What was it like writing Jet Lee?

A: That’s a tough question because it was like a lot of things. It was fun because I was constantly getting cool ideas, but sometimes really hard to figure out what would come next, or what order the events should take place. Developing the characters was great. I liked making the evil demons, but I enjoyed writing about the good guys even better. Some days were tricky because I just couldn’t think of something… It’s called Writer’s Block and it is really annoying. Occasionally, it was tough because I’m terrible at spelling and needed to be sure my words were all spelled correctly (thank goodness for spell check and Ms. Wood). And it was often scary because I thought my critique group (test readers) would tell me something was dumb or didn’t make sense. I think the best part was falling in love with each and every character—Even Red Eyes.

Q: Who will be the Leader, Warrior, Weapons Master and Potion Maker?

A: You will have to read the sequels!

Q: Do you like writing?

A: I LOVE writing. Probably because I love making up great adventure stories that kids want to read. I’m always happiest when I’m writing and I’m super-happy when kids are reading my stories!

Q: Do Jet and Cordy ever get married?

A: I don’t know… Maybe, I should take a poll. What do you think?

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior and Cordy sitting in a tree...

Will Jet and Cordy be a thing..?

Q: Why did you put words like pee in the book?

A: That’s an  important question, and I’m glad you asked it. There are two words in Jet Lee Dragon Warrior that some folks don’t like. As you know, they don’t appear often. The reason they are in the story is because, every now and then, even the best-behaved kid sometimes thinks a bad word in their head and sometimes that word pops out of their mouth. It’s not great, but it happens. Jet Lee Dragon Warrior is about real kids, and unfortunately for Jet Lee, his last name rhymes with one of those words some folks don’t like. Kids can be mean and think it is funny to make up rhymes that make fun of other kid’s names. Being called Jet P** by bullies is a part of Jet’s life, so it’s also a part of the book. (Spoiler alert: Luckily for Jet, most kids stop making fun of his name!)

Q: What about Jet, will his kids be Dragon Warriors?

A: Being a Dragon Warrior runs in families, but not always, so Jet’s kids won’t know until they reach their 12th birthdays.

Q: Do Jet’s friends have books about them, too?

A: There will be five books in the Dragon Warrior series. One for Jet Lee of course, one formJimmy Preston, one for Cordellia Johnson, one for Uly Obermier and…. One for a character soon to be revealed!

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior and friends hanging out at the Dojo

Jet’s surprise party!

Q: Are you going to make another book?

A: Over my lifetime, I hope to write bunches of books!

Q: What will happen to Jet and his mom?

A: Jet and his mom will have lots of amazing adventures along with the rest of the Dragon Warrior gang!

Q: Are you making a Jet Lee 2?

A: You bet!

Q: I always wanted to know what Otis’s transforming inner animal was…

A: Otis was sort of a cross between a bear and a wolf. He could stand like a human, so he’s Otis is more bear like, but he has the ferocity and occasional cunning of the wolf.

Q: What age did you start writing?

A: I started writing in elementary school. I had an amazing teacher who encouraged me every step of the way. I started writing poems and songs. My teacher submitted some of my poems to Scholastic Magazine and they were published. I was really thrilled and after that all I really wanted to do was write. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started writing books.

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 50! Can you believe it? But I feel like I’m 15. I love to play and have fun and hang out with people who also love to play and have fun. Some of my very best friends are kids. I guess you could say that I’m an adult who simply refuses to grow up!

Jet Lee Dragon Warrior knows some things should be locked away forever!

Demon Manuscript!

Q: Do Cordy and Jet become a thing?

A: What do you think?

Q: What did Jet’s dad look like?

A: Jet’s dad was Chinese so he had many Asian aspects. He had very black hair that he wore pulled back on a pony tail. He was very strong, so he had muscles. He was also very quick and cunning so his muscles weren’t the big bulging kind like body builders have, but more like athletic muscles. He had eyes like Jets’. And a big smile whenever he was with his family.

Q: What year did it take place?

A: It takes place in whatever year it happens to be when the reader is reading it!

Q: If you made a sequel, would Jet and the dragon warriors be older of the same age?

A: The kids get their inner-animals around their twelfth birthdays, so they will be the same age. Except for one…

Wow! That was a lot of questions and a Ton of fun! Tune in next time for more school projects, fan art and letters!

And thanks again to Saint Mary’s fourth graders. Happy reading everyone!


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Story Monster Approved!

Story Monster Approved!

Story Monster Ink Loves Jet Lee!

story monster logo

I’m really excited about some awesome news! JET LEE DRAGON WARRIOR is Story Monster Approved! Jet and the gang just earned the Story Monster Seal of Approval! This is a big deal, and I’m practically bubbling with joy. Right now, I am trying to type and do the happy dance all at once!

Want to know what Story Monster is all about? StoryMonsterInk is a monster of a magazine designed for young readers. It’s full of awesome stuff for kids and has tons of great information about amazing books, writers and other talented and interesting folks. What does it mean for Jet Lee to be story Monster Approved?

Here’s the scoop: The Story Monsters Approved! designation was developed by Five Star Publications, Inc. to recognize and honor accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature, as well as newly published authors. Approval favors stories that inspire, inform, teach or entertain. A Story Monsters seal of approval on my book’s cover tells parents, grandparents, educators and caregivers they are giving children the very best in reading excellence.

Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved! patch it means children their own age enjoyed the book and are recommending they read it, too. How do they know that? Because after books pass the first round of judging by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval.

If you want to know more about Jet Lee and his gang of evil eradicators, check them out on Facebook! You can usually find out something new about Pamela there too. And, if you want to purchase a copy of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior just zip on over to

Whoopee! I am grinning from ear to ear! Order a copy for a kid you know and share the love of reading!

Story Monster Approved! Story Monster Approved!

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The evolution of Jet Lee Dragon Warrior!

Jet Lee VS Red Eyes the serpent demon. Looks like Jet has the upper hand…



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